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Owners Richard Metz and Joseph Danz have worked hard over the last 40 years to position Metz Communications at the very forefront of the marine antenna manufacturing industry.

Metz takes great pride in manufacturing and distributing marine VHF antennas of the highest quality to help assure communication excellence for everyone involved with watercraft across the private, public, and commercial sectors.


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Trusted by U.S. Coast Guard and Kennedy Space Center


The experience we’ve gained over four decades has culminated in our proven ability to make antennas of exceptional quality, as is clear from the many praising reviews to be found online, particularly of our Manta-6 Antenna. The Manta-6, our most sought-after antenna, is truly without equal, trusted by the U.S. Coast Guard for search and rescue missions as well as by cruise lines, large fishing and commercial shipping operations, and other government agencies, for its proven durability and reliable performance in even the harshest conditions.


We’re proud to offer the only base coil lifetime warranty in the industry, and we can do so with complete confidence knowing that Metz antennas have been known to last for more than 30 years (unlike antennas made by some of our competitors that are known to last just a few). Whether you need marine antennas, radios, CBs, emergency transponders or some other accessory, we're proud to offer products that can last for generations. Don't depend on lower quality products, contact Metz Communications today!


Our coverage area includes the entire United States. However, with a comprehensive distribution network spanning North America as well as Europe, Asia and New Zealand, Metz can manufacture and distribute equipment for any marine application including military, federal, municipal, private, and commercial. Maximize your safety, communication capabilities, and cost savings by choosing Metz Communications for your next marine antenna purchase. No matter where you're located, there's a good chance you can benefit from Metz Communication's products.


If you are in the market for marine antennas, accessories, or any of our other products, contact us to find out more about exactly what Metz can do for you. 

What do our clients have to say?

"Spoke to someone at Metz about how best to handle the replacement & they were very helpful!"

"This was a replacement for an old Metz that was missing some parts. Spoke to someone at Metz about how best to handle the replacement & they were very helpful. The install was easy to do and everything worked as it should the first time so I don't have to go up the mast again. Signal is loud and clear."


"Good enough for the U.S.
Coast Guard ribs"

"Mounted on a 20' skiff, console, not T-top. Works well, clear communication with decent reach. Excellent reception from USCG stations 80 miles N or S of me. Obviously, this short an antenna won't have the transmission reach a 8' antenna will mounted higher but it fits the boat well. It's used by the USCG on their RIBs. And after having mine mounded for a season on the ocean it's still working well and rust free."

-B. Evans

"This is best!"

"Quite a few manufacturers sell antennas of this design. It is a great design, and Metz is the highest quality of manufacture I've seen. On the other end of the spectrum is the Tram 1600-HC for about $30 and that is also a great antenna of the same design but the difference is that the Metz doesn't show weathering of the plastics from UV nearly as much nor does the whip have as much (cosmetic) surface corrosion. I have both and trust them both electrically but the Metz is built to last and for that reason it's the one on my boat."

-M. Boswell