Can You Install Your Own Marine Electronics for Coastal Use?

Modern boats include a great deal of electronics. Much of this centers around the communications equipment, including radios, emergency EPIRBs and radar systems. Any boat meant for regular ocean use should have at least a VHF radio and a matching marine antenna. Larger boats will have significantly more requirements, of course. What Are You Required…

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Navigation Equipment for All Mariners

When out on the water, even mariners with lots of familiarity with the local area should use tools to ensure the safety of their vessels. Tides, storms, and the natural daily movement of the water can create drastic changes in depth that could threaten a vessel if a mariner is unaware of the change.  Thankfully,…

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Communication Tools for Your Sailboat

Sailing is a great pastime that offers fun and adventure for the whole family. Having reliable communication on your sailboat greatly enhances the overall experience and provides additional safety for those on board. There are several communication devices to choose from, and with the right marine antenna, you can connect your boat with those on…

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3 Ways VHF Radios Keep You Safe While at Sea


Although boats often move much more slowly than cars or trains, there are still many dangers involved in traveling by sea. These hazards are made even more serious given that mariners are often miles away from land, making immediate assistance almost impossible. Marine radio antennas, however, make the seas much safer in a few key…

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A Primer Regarding the 4 Types of Marine Radio Antennas

Different boats require distinct types of marine radio antennas. The comfort, safety and performance of your craft are all dependent, in part, on these onboard electronics. Here are the four categories of antennas available to seafaring individuals. 1. Power Obviously, maintaining your boat’s source of movement is priority number one. If your system becomes overworked…

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What Every Mariner Needs To Know About Marine Radios


Although it might seem like seafarers are off the grid, there are actually many ways people can communicate while at sea. One method, radio, is a necessity for every nearly every craft, with the exception of some boats shorter than 65.5 feet. If you expect to spend some time at sea, be prepared with a…

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What You Need To Know About Your VHF Radio and Its Regulations


VHF radios are used by most sea craft, with the exception of small recreational vessels, for communication and safety purposes. Because marine radio antennas are so widely used, there are certain national and international regulations governing their use. Consider a few key bits of information that will help you use your radio properly. VHF Radio…

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What You Should Know About Metz VHF Antennas

A VHF band is an efficient transmitting antenna that is small enough to be mounted on portable devices or vehicles. It can be used in two-way communication devices, making them vital accessories for things like walkie-talkies or marine radios. In the marine industry, the Metz Manta Antenna has been established as a preferred communication option.…

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What to Look for in a 3dB Antenna

There are some purchases in life where you cannot sacrifice quality for cost. In an effort to determine which VHF antenna is best, you cannot make an assumption based on price alone. When it is just you out there on your sailboat, you need a 3dB VHF antenna that won`t let you down. The Design…

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