Essential Marine Electronics for Work and Play

Marine electronics have become an essential tool for any type of vessel, whether starting a fishing business or tooling around the water for fun. While some are vital for safety, there are many new options available to give your boat some personalization.

Safety Musts

Regardless of the reason you are going out to sea, every vessel should have an AIS identification system. Like an airplane’s transponder, it helps other watercraft identify your position, course and the craft itself. This equipment is especially vital to have if emergency services are needed. GPS has steadily become a mainstay with regard to marine electronics. They are available in a range of options and sizes, but all offer additional data that is essential to knowing water depth and enhancing navigation. These systems also boost fishing prowess. For people spending significant time on the water, emergency position electronics make it easier to be located. For bigger boats with large crews, installing autopilot allows for staying the course while giving the crew a break.

Hobbyist Extras

Along with safety electronics, there are other tools to enhance the boating experience. Planning an extended stay on a yacht? Get it outfitted with a TV satellite and stereo system. If exploring the wonders of nature is a passion, an echo sounder lets you see what is underneath the waves for approximately 150 kilometers. Even older communication systems can be beefed up with state-of-the-art screens, enabling a better and easier view of the course plotted. While there are electronics for about every kind of boater, it is also important to pick gear that will properly fit the specific vessel and have it professionally installed to ensure it doesn’t interrupt other systems.

While it may still be important to navigate the water by old-time methods, marine electronics have come a long way in enhancing safety and adding some modern fun to your boating experience.