What You Should Know About Metz VHF Antennas

A VHF band is an efficient transmitting antenna that is small enough to be mounted on portable devices or vehicles. It can be used in two-way communication devices, making them vital accessories for things like walkie-talkies or marine radios. In the marine industry, the Metz Manta Antenna has been established as a preferred communication option.

Reliability That Is Proven

A VHF band can be sized to a number of options, available to be used in both private and commercial ventures. For Metz, the extreme durability and compact nature of their products have earned them a reputation as the chosen brand for the antennas of the United States Coast Guard. The Manta antenna is constructed from a small stainless steel cylinder that is protected through a tight-sealing O-ring and UV-resistant plastic cap. When compared to their fiberglass counterparts, these antennas are better suited to withstand the climate extremes, rigorous sea conditions, and demands that accompany constant use. For the Coast Guard to put their faith in Metz, your application should be no challenge.

Expectations That Have Been Exceeded

The review of real Metz users corroborates what the U.S. Coast Guard finds so impressive about this line of products. Many have found that their range has improved with their Manta antenna, given them more security and capability with long-range communication needs. For some, they have experienced a transmission capability that doubled. Though the range has improved, the quality of projection has not been sacrificed. Many reviewers have noticed an increase in the clarity of transmission. These differences have far exceeded the expectations of purchasers and given users peace of mind when out on the water.

Service That Says Excellence

Not only is the product of the highest quality, those who have purchased from Metz speak highly of the customer-centric operation. Knowledgeable agents assist with concerns and answer questions, giving consumers excellence in both experience and purchase.