Don’t Set Sail Without These Essential Marine Electronics


Gearing up for your marine adventures requires more than just first aid supplies, safety gear and survival equipment. Today, no smart boating enthusiast ventures forth without marine electronics. From portable air conditioners to a marine antenna and a GPS system, it’s wise to set sale with some essential devices on board.


GPS Devices for Water Craft

With the multitasking potential that our smartphones offer, you may be tempted to use their GPS capabilities while on your vessel. Technological innovations have produced a plethora of options specifically designed for marine use, from simple handheld devices to multifunction equipment that can be mounted in the helm area or cockpit. Top-of-the-line models include advanced navigational features, upgraded transducers, sonar and radar capabilities, route planning aids and even special tools to help you determine the best spots for fishing.


Install a Marine Antenna

Marine antennas are vital pieces of equipment, allowing you to use onboard communication systems and receive television, radio and other types of signals while you’re out on the water. A wide variety of models are available on the market, allowing you to select the length and decibel gain that best suit your needs.


Stay Cool While You Sail

Climate control on your vessel is easier than you think, thanks to the advent of portable marine air conditioners. Many are compact, easy to install and circulate cool air inside your boat’s cabin when the mercury rises and the unforgiving sun beats down on you and your passengers.


Keep Fresh Water Flowing

Besides GPS systems, a marine antenna and portable climate control, it’s a good idea to bring along a water desalination device. Commonly known as a water maker, it extracts fresh water from seawater and are critical for long-term sailing journeys.


Sourcing these vital marine tools is easier than you think. If you’re confused about what to buy, consulting a professional marine equipment dealer can answer your questions and steer you to the best choices for your boating adventures.