Top Reasons to Choose a Marine Radar


If you have ever been out on your boat in the fog or after dark, then you know how hard it is to navigate your way back to shore. Without a marine radar or marine GPS system, it can feel near impossible to get your bearings so that you can head back to land. Many boat enthusiasts won’t go without a marine radar. Here are the reasons why you need to consider having one with your boat.

Assists in Navigation

A marine radar is helpful in assisting boaters navigating open water. It utilizes an antenna, display and a scanner. The antenna transmits signals from the scanner and the computer calculates the distance from your watercraft to any mass it picks up. Not only will this help keep your boat safe if there is anything in the water, but if you’re a fisherman, you can also see where fish are grouped in the water. A marine GPS is an incredibly handy tool for anyone who owns a boat.

Helps in Inclement Weather

To be on a boat in the dark, during fog or a storm, it can be dangerous. While the rain may interfere with the radar, it will still detect inclement weather to alert you of weather-based issues. If your radar is having trouble, you can use it as a determinant to get your vessel off the water and to safety. If you set up your display so that it points towards the bow, it can act similarly to a car’s GPS and help give you directions to your bearing.

If you have a boat, then you shouldn’t go without a marine GPS. Not only can these radars help you in your daily boating activities, but if there is inclement weather or dangerous situations in the water, you don’t want to go without it. Marine radars are by far an important addition for any boat enthusiast.