Marine Electronics – Valuable and Essential


While marine antennas are not required for all classes of watercraft, it’s a good idea to equip your boat with one, even if you don’t plan on going far from shore. The law dictates commercial boats and certain classes of private vessel carry them for safety and sea lane traffic control reasons, and those reasons are compelling enough that private operators really need to listen to them. Why is that? Well, it’s because the right marine antenna can not only save your life, it can protect anyone who borrows your vessel, and it can even help track it in the event of theft or highjacking.

More Than Just an Antenna

Marine electronics are usually shorthanded to antenna or radio, but they are more complex than that. Systems include GPS placement and other navigational data, transponders that communicate location data to patrol and rescue operations, and even companion services to help ensure someone is looking out for you if you’re out too long without checking in. A lot depends on what you want out of the service, what tier you’re buying into, and whether your industry dictates certain features in your electronics. Systems can operate via GPS or old-fashioned radio transponder, with the GPS system being more precise but both being good ideas for redundancy’s sake.

Theft Tracking

If you’re not in the boat and it goes missing, you can use your marine antenna’s unique signal to monitor its whereabouts. This lets you alert authorities to a method of recovery in the event of a theft, but it also gives you a way to check out the progress of the journey if you have a friend or loved one borrowing the boat. It can even be a great way to prevent unauthorized use by members of the household in the event that you’re away.

  • Always know where your boat is
  • Get the features you need for peace of mind
  • Know you are protected in case of accidents

The right marine antenna is a vital, valuable part of your vessel, whether it’s a long-distance yacht or a speed boat intended for afternoons out having fun near shore. Make sure you have the gear to make the most of your time on the water.