Most popular Marine Electronics

When it comes to boating, there are a lot of facets that you have to understand. One of these facets is marine electronics. Different types of electronics and a marine antenna can keep your vessel safer or make your time more convenient. Here is what you should know about electronics.


Autopilot technology has existed for decades. Autopilot gives the helmsman time off from steering so he or she can maintain watch. The autopilots can steer a compass course or a course with the wind.

Chart Plotters and Compasses

Chart plotters are marine electronics that do exactly what their name implies. It consists of a marine antenna that tracks GPS signals. In addition, there are magnetic transmitting compasses that use magnets to determine where a vessel is compared to the magnetic field. This makes steering easier because it displays steadier headings.

Echo sounders and fish finders on the other hand, use similar principles to sonar. A transducer emits a beam of high frequency sound. You can use this to calculate the distance to the sea bed. You can locate any hazards under water before you are on top of them.

Your EPIRPB or Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacon floats free of your vessel. It sends radio signals to Search and Rescue satellites. These satellites inform ground stations so that they can search for your boat.


When it comes to entertainment on a bat, inverters can convert voltage to the necessary voltage to utilize different entertainment tools.  In addition, you can have Navtex for navigation and weather information and radar to inform you of other ships on the water.

Boaters may also have satellite TV and Satellite phones to transmit data. Many also have VHF radios. These require you to press a button before you can transmit a message.

Marine electronics can make your boating experience better and safer. To install your boating electronics or marine antenna and to decide which electronics you need, it is best to speak to a professional to ensure that everything is installed properly.