Top Features of a Metz Antenna

Choose a leader in marine antenna technology. If your antenna is damaged or you’re just installing a VHF radio for communicating while on your boat, explore the benefits of choosing a Metz antenna. Your radio is only as precise as your antenna, so enjoy these top features with a highly rated marine system. Not all recreational boats require a VHF radio, but all VHFs should be equipped with one of these high-end VHF antennas.

Weatherproof Construction

Your new antenna is equipped with a stainless steel cylinder and O-ring to create a weatherproof design. A UV-resistant plastic cover guards against corrosion and wear. Inside the chamber is a 16 gauge wire and oil to ensure a strong signal. The internal connections are soldered for long-lasting quality. Compared to fiberglass antennas, these steel antennas are far more capable of handling sudden storms and high winds. There’s a reason the U.S. Coast Guard uses these antennas for their communications.

Secure Installation

Insert the stainless steel whip into the support system of your Metz antenna using a compression fitting. Once you thread the cap on, the entire antenna is secure, out of the way and durable enough to weather any storms. The tight-fitting construction is durable, but compact enough to stay out of your way. If your previous antenna was damaged in a storm, it’s time to upgrade to a secure and dependable alternative.

Enjoy a High-Performance Marine Antenna Today

Don’t settle for a generic VHF antenna, but use the affordable equipment preferred by professionals and government organizations. Stay in touch with other boats and with shore using your Metz antenna and VHF radio. Follow the included instructions for easy installation and dependable signal strength as you enjoy a day out on the water. From commercial to recreational applications, a quality VHF system keeps you safe as you cruise around the ocean or lake.