Choose Metz for American-made Quality Antennas

In an effort to ensure the quality of design and manufacturing, many consumers look for products that have been made in America. With the Metz Manta antenna lines, you get the assurance of purchasing products that are industry leaders for radio transmissions. The reviews for these products, from both private and commercial consumers, reveal that high quality and performance are what you can expect with your Metz purchase.

Ease of Ordering and Adapting

There are different uses for VHF bands, though some of the more common uses are in the antennas used in the marine industry. With the size and scope of your needs as the foundation of your Metz purchase, you will find that there is a wide selection of antennas available. However, the Manta antenna is one of the most highly rated and ranked for clarity, distance, and adaptability. The model has been designed to address compatibility needs with mounting hardware for a variety of vehicles or applications, but the standout performance is in the antenna`s broad radiation pattern to accommodate the structural design of small sailboats.

For those who have never purchased an antenna before, the team at Metz is dedicated to helping you find just what you need. Their customer service rivals the excellence found in their products.

Ability to Meet Range of Needs

As mentioned, the Manta antenna can be used on a private skiff or a larger application like the fleet of the United States Coast Guard. The antennas are easily mounted and the antennal has excellent transmission reach, so much so that some users have found the range has doubled. The signal comes through loud and clear, and the product itself can stand up to the weather and demands of open water. It is lightweight, resistant to UV damage, and constructed from stainless steel components.

Your communication needs are in good hands with a Metz antenna. They are so dependable that the Manta 6 is used exclusively by the search and rescue vessels of the U.S. Coast Guard.