Should You Replace Your VHF Antenna?

If you want your craft’s VHF radio system to work correctly, have a great range and last, it’s important to have a high-quality VHF antenna. The last thing you want is to be stranded on open water with a VHF system that isn’t working properly. You can have the absolute best marine radio, but it won’t do you much good if the antenna is failing. How often is it necessary to replace a VHF antenna?

VHF Antennas Are Made To Last — If You Choose the Right One

The good news is that if your boat has a VHF marine radio and VHF antenna from a reputable manufacturer, the antenna normally lasts a lifetime. The only exception to this is if your antenna was damaged due to some impact or moisture got inside the coil. There’s no reason to replace a VHF antenna just because, even if you’ve had it for 5–10 years already.

That said, some boat owners choose to upgrade from a less expensive antenna to a higher-quality one. This can be the case if you currently have a foldable antenna that you dislike having to deal with. You can have a pro install a mast-mounted antenna instead.

The 15-Year Check

When your boat has been on the water for countless seasons, it’s often a good idea to replace a number of systems, including the standing rig. With the spar down, you may want to take advantage and replace the VHF antenna, lights and wiring at the same time. Considering that the cost of each of these systems is relatively low compared to other necessary maintenance or repairs, it can put your mind at ease to know that your VHF antenna and connectors are in tip-top shape.

Always choose VHF marine radio systems and components that come with a lifetime warranty. That tells you the quality is something you can trust.